Structural erosion

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Definition of Structural coastal erosion:
Structural erosion is long-term erosion of a stretch of coast. Also looking at an individual cross-shore profile, gradual losses of sediments with time might be noticed. Another type of erosion is dune erosion
This is the common definition for Structural coastal erosion, other definitions can be discussed in the article

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For an explanation of different types of coastal erosion, see coastal erosion. See also Hard structures and structural erosion for an explanation of the possible impacts of hard structures on the structural erosion of a stretch of coast.

See Typical examples of structural erosion for an explanation of three man-induced structural erosion problems: 1) building a new port, 2) stabilization of river mouth/tidal inlet and 3) changes in river characteristics. More information on man-induced coastal erosion can also be found in:

For more information about natural causes of coastal erosion, see Natural Causes of Coastal Erosion.

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