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== See also ==
== See also ==
* [[Detached breakwaters]]: Function, design, impacts and application of detached breakwaters.
[[Detached breakwaters]]
* [[Detached shore parallel breakwaters]]: On erosion and the design, application and effects of detached shore parallel breakwaters.
* [[Port breakwaters and coastal erosion]]: Effects of different types of ports on coastal erosion.
* [[Applicability of detached breakwaters]]: Application of detached breakwaters for different types of coast (see also [[classification of Coastlines]]).
* [[Other types of breakwaters]]: Article on sub-merged or low crested, floating breakwaters, modified breakwaters and headlands.

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Definition of Detached breakwater:
A detached breakwater is a structure parallel, or close to parallel, to the coast, build inside or outside the surf zone. Detached breakwaters are mainly built with two purposes, either to protect a ship wharf from wave action or as a coast/shore protection measure.
This is the common definition for Detached breakwater, other definitions can be discussed in the article

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