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Marine biotechnology explores and uses marine bioresources as the target for or origin of technological applications, which are used for the production of products and services.

MBT 2014 Diagram.png
Examples of products and services developed by technological applications using marine bioresources (diagram adapted from the European Marine Board Position Paper [1]).

In the context of a global economic downturn, we are now facing complex and difficult challenges such as the sustainable supply of food and energy, climate change and environmental degradation, human health and ageing populations. Yet concurrently, the seas represent one of the most abundant sources of food and energy production on the planet, as well as containing the potential for countless innovations in drug production, industrial process development, ecosystem management and other related fields. Marine Biotechnology can make an increasingly important contribution towards meeting these societal challenges and supporting economic recovery and growth, by delivering new knowledge, products and services.

Estimates predict an annual growth in the sector of up to 10-12% in the coming years, revealing the huge potential and high expectations for further development of the Marine Biotechnology sector at a global scale.[1]


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