Maximising Capacity Building Effectiveness

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  • Learning for ICZM (definition, knowledge, understanding, skills, attitudes, etc.)
  • Justification for examining learning for ICZM (learning preferences, audiences, etc.)
  • The learning cycle for ICZM (elements of)
  • Factors affecting learnig effectiveness (e.g. outcomes, time, educational culture, etc.)
  • Learning strategies (e.g. PBL, action learning, shock)
  • Implementation methods / tools (e.g. simulation, leaflets, information boards, lectures, etc.)
  • Learning evaluation methods
  • Good practice advice for ICZM capacity building
The main author of this article is Garriga, Maica
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Citation: Garriga, Maica (2019): Maximising Capacity Building Effectiveness. Available from [accessed on 27-02-2020]