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Projects related to coastal management funded by the European Commission in the period 1998-2010.

AMBER - Towards an Ecosystem Approach to Management in the Baltic Sea
BALTEX –-- The Baltic sea experiment. A GEWEX continental scale experiment to improve understanding of mechanisms and processes determining water and energy cycles between and within the components of our climate system.
COASTMAN --- Coastal Zone Management in the Baltic Sea Region. Investigates interactions between environmental conservation, conflict management and sustainable development in coastal zones of Baltic Sea.
COMRISK --- A common project of North Sea Region coastal defence authorities aimed at improved risk management for coastal flood prone areas.
CONSCIENCE --- Concepts and Science for Coastal Erosion Management. To develop and test justified guidelines, concepts and methods to implement sustainable coastal erosion management for European coasts.
COSA --- Coastal Sands as Biocatalytical Filters. Addresses the role of sands in the cycles of matter and is designed to improve sustainable use of coastal sandy sea floors.
ELOISE PROJECTS - A database of ELOISE Nutrient Dynamics in European Water Systems projects
EMPAS --- Environmentally Sound Fishery Management in Protected Areas.
ENCORA --- European Network for Coastal Research - Objectives: (1) Initiation of national and thematic coastal networks to overcome fragmentation of coastal expertise; (2) Initiation of the Coastal Wiki to better exploit scientific knowledge in practice.
EUROLIMPACS --- Integrated project to evaluate impacts of global change on European freshwater ecosystems.
HARBASINS --- Harmonised River Basins Strategies North Sea (INTERREG IIIB).
MarPace --- Marine Propagation Along the Coasts of Europe (part of MarBef project).
IMCORE --- Innovative Management for Europe’s Changing Coastal Resource (INTERREG IVB).
MESH –-- Mapping European Seabed Habitats – Development of a framework in mapping seabed habitats.
MODELKEY --- Comprises a multidisciplinary approach aiming at developing interlinked and verified predictive modelling tools as well as state-of-the-art effect-assessment and analytical methods generally applicable to European freshwater and marine ecosystems.
SPICOSA --- Science Policy Interface for Coastal Systems Assessment. Develop a Systems-Analysis Framework that generates Decision-Support Tools for integrated ecological, social and economic assessments need for policies for sustainability of coastal zone systems.

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