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This catalogue has resulted from the ENCORA Theme 10 Review of ICZM related courses in Europe.

This list of learning materials can be easily updatable with pertinent modifications by the course coordinators in due time. New materials can be also included in the list, which therefore can grow indefinitely.

Help to compile a list of ICZM learning materials!

Note: If you have not yet an editing authorisation we ask you to send your contact details to your National Network coordinator. You will be registered in the ENCORA Contact Database and you will receive an editing authorisation, eventually with some additional instructions.

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Key Documents

  • EU ICZM Demmonstration Programme
  • DG Environmenr, DG Fisheries & DG Regional Development (1999): A European Stregy for ICZM: General Principles and political options
  • European Commission (Hrsg.) (2000): An assessment of the socio-economic costs & benefits of Integrated Coastal Zone Management - Final report to the European Commission
  • European Commission (2001): EU-Focal Point — Coastal Zone, Luxemburg: , 29 pp., ISBN 92-894-1149-X
  • EC/EP (2002): Recommendations for the implementation of ICZM in the coastal zones of Europe
  • Coast in Conflict, TU Delft and UNESCO-IHR (yearly updated)
  • Integriertes Küstenmanagement als Instrument nachhaltiger Entwicklung. Oekom-Verlag.
  • Regional Government of Schleswig-Holstein (2002): Generalplan Küstenschutz (Coastal Protection Framework Programme)
  • National ICZM strategies -resulting from EU ICZM Recommendation (2002/413/EC)

Key Journals

Case studies


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