Structural erosion

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Structural erosion

Definition of Structural erosion:
Structural erosion is long-term erosion of a stretch of coast. Also looking at an individual cross-shore profile, gradual losses of sediments with time might be noticed.
This is the common definition for Structural erosion, other definitions can be discussed in the article

Structural, gradual, long-term erosion

Many coasts all over the world suffer from structural erosion. Seen over a number of years one might observe that the position of e.g. the waterline is shifting in landward direction. Often a gradient in the (natural) occurring longshore sediment transports is the reason of structural erosion. Structural erosion is quite different from dune erosion.

In the article coastal erosion the differences between structural erosion and dune erosion are explained.

Resolving a structural erosion 'problem' in coastal engineering practice calls for a quite different approach compared to the solution to a dune erosion 'problem'.

In the article Application of structures some basic notions related to the use of structures in coastal engineering are dealt with. See also the article Beach nourishments.

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