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The steps below are intended to guide you through the process of creating an article. The page Basic set-up, rules and guidelines provides a more detailed explanation how things work at the Coastal Wiki. More information on editing an article is provided in How to edit an article.

Basic setup

Step Instructions
a) Register. To edit at the Coastal Wiki, you need an account with an editing authorisation, this is so other users can see who made the edits. If you already have an account, just click log in/create an account at the right-hand side of this page, just below the main toolbar. If you want to know how to obtain an account, click here
b) Start new article Before starting an article, check if an article on the same of a very similar topic exists already (by using the search window). Also, try to identify in which theme (see the Main Page your article fits the best and contact the coordinator of that theme. For more information about writing an article, click here
c) Edit other articles You can just edit every (part of an) article, by clicking either the edit link at the top of the page or use the edit button at the beginning of each section. However, we recommend to contact the author first if you want to make major adjustments. For more information click here
d) Editing and saving You can edit an article as you go or prepare an article in a word-document. Make use of basic Wiki-formatting to format your article, to create links and insert images, references and tables. For more information click here


The table below provides an overview of how-to-edit topics. The links refer to the article How to edit an article

Step Instructions
1. Basic Wiki-formatting Try to use appropriate headings and subheadings, add references an links. Add bullets and numbering where appropriate. Use italics and bold for emphasis. More information
2. Images Add illustrations, boxes and tables to your article, if they are appropriate to the subject, with succinct captions and acceptable copyright status. Try to insert 1 image for every 500 words.
3. Definitions Define terms and refer to the definitions from separate, individual definition pages.
4. Formulas You can use html-format or Wiki Math-format to edit formulas or to insert special symbols, Greek or mathematical characteristics.
5. Links and references Create internal links to other articles at the Coastal Wiki and create Web links. Provide references with citations from cited and reputable sources and create a list of cited references.
6. Credit the author Add an author-ID at the end of the article, so that users know who is the main author of the article.
7. Categorization Add at least three appropriate categories to your article, in order to make it easier to be found by different types of users.

Alternatively the tutorial links can be viewed in a PowerPoint format - Coastal Wiki Tutorial (PowerPoint)