Help:Basic setup, rules and guidelines

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Subject title

  • Keep it as short as possible


  • Concise lead section or introduction
  • 1-4 paragraphs long

The article

  • Put your main text in this section.
  • Provide relevant context (policy, practice, science).
  • Consider important interactions with other components of the coastal system.
  • Manual: tells you how to produce links, emphasise text, lists, headlines etc.
  • Link to other relevant coastal wiki articles.
  • Don’t enter into details if good references and links to detailed information are available.
  • Article length – between a few hundred to a few thousand words.
  • Other tips:
  1. Separate major sections of article with section headlines.
  2. Use heirachial heading structure
  3. Box text for effect
  4. Define terms
  5. Add relevant images or graphics, tables
  6. Use analogies and comparisons to illustrate

References and external links

  • Link to resources and information already available (but only if not copyright)
  • Reference articles

Date, authors name(s), affiliation, email(opt).