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{{Definition|title=Coast erosion
#REDIRECT [[Coastal erosion]]
|definition=Erosion in the coastal profile, taking place in the form of scouring in the foot of the cliffs or in the foot of the dunes. Coast erosion takes place mainly during strong winds, high waves and high tides and storm surge conditions, and results in coastline retreat. The rate of erosion is correctly expressed in volume/length/time, e.g. in m<sup>3</sup>/m/year, but erosion rate is often used synonymously with coastline retreat, and thus expressed in m/year<ref name=”Karsten”>Mangor, Karsten. 2004. “Shoreline Management Guidelines”. DHI Water and Environment, 294pp.</ref>.
This forms an important element in the process of [[coastal squeeze]] <ref> Doody, J.P. (2004) 'Coastal squeeze' - an historical perspective. ''Journal of Coastal Conservation'', '''10/1-2''', 129-138.</ref>.

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