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Welcome to ERA-MarineBiotech

Funded under the FP7 ERA-NET scheme, ERA-MarineBiotech is a consortium of national funding bodies seeking complementarities between national activities to pool resources to undertake joint funding of transnational projects in the area of Marine Biotechnology.
Cooperation between the funding bodies has been initiated during the FP7 supported ERA-NET Preparatory Action in Marine Biotechnology
(CSA MarineBiotech).

This website pools information on both FP7 projects and offers simultaneously a forum for the exchange of information between a broad network of academics, industry researchers and specialists with interests in marine biotechnology.
Ultimately this should raise the profile of European marine biotechnology research and lead to a self-sustainable and long lasting network in the area of marine biotechnology.

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ERA-MarineBiotech News


The ERA-MarineBiotech is pleased to announce the second transnational joint call for research projects related to “Biodiscovery - Bioactive molecules from the marine environment”.

Together, the 13 funding organisations...


A major conference was hosted by the EU in Brussels 9-10 November with the title ‘A Bioeconomy for Europe: using resources from land and sea for a post-petroleum economy’. More than 400 delegates discussed for two days how the bioeconomy could be...


In the first joint call entitled "The development of biorefinery processes for marine biomaterials", the Marine Biotechnology ERA-NET (ERA-MBT) has selected six projects to be funded with a total budget of more than € 8 million. After the...

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Marine natural product chemistry and biotechnology research at GEOMAR has a new name, i.e. GEOMAR Centre for Marine Biotechnology (GEOMAR-Biotech). The new name will reflect the expertise and excellent capacity, and will allow a greater...

Project Announcements


The ERA-MarineBiotech is pleased to distribute the second newsletter, containing project information and other relevant information about marine biotechnology in Europe.

Other Announcements


The BRAAVOO Workshop and Creative Design Course, organized in collaboration with the Envirobot "BioDesign for the Real World" initiative, will provide an opportunity for 5 days of intensive learning and hands-on experience in biosensor theory and practice, culminating with the construction and use of both a bacterial biosensor and a field-portable DIY fluorescence detector, that each student will make.